UNconventional Nurse Workshops

Learn how you can have more freedom, flexibility and control over your financial destiny!

Burnout to Bliss! 101
Intensive 1 Day Course Defining and Aligning: The Entrepreneur Mindset, Identifying Your Passion, Paradigm Shift, Relevancy, Core Values, Strategic Plan and Goal Setting.
Coursework: Follows the book “UNconventional Nurse: Going From Burnout to Bliss!”
Exploration of Sections I & II (Map It and Plan It)

Burnout to Bliss! 201
Intensive 1 Day Course teaches how to: Have Strong Communication Skills, Persuade and Influence, Get Out of Our Comfort Zone, Make Confident Decisions, Increase Happiness, and Discover the Leader Within.
Coursework: Follows the book, “UNconventionalNurse: Going From Burnout to Bliss!”
Exploration of Sections III – V (Drive It , View It and Remember It)

RN Business Boot Camp
Intensive 2 Day Course that is 101 and 201 combined.
Coursework: Follows the book, “UNconventionalNurse: Going From Burnout to Bliss!”
Exploration of Sections I – V (Map It, Plan It, Drive It, View It and Remember It)

How to Become a Nurse Author
Learn how to turn your life and work experiences into stories that are unique and valuable. Understand the Book Process: Overview of Writing, Editing, Publishing and Promoting your book.  The importance and value of more nurse authors.

Five Secrets to Maximizing Your Sales!
Learn how to build trust and rapport with you customers, sell through relationship not pitching, how to ask for their business without feeling awkward, and how to build business through referrals.  Attendees will also learn the influences that motivate consumers purchasing and how to network effectively.

UNconventional Nurse™ Workshops are a series of life and business skills workshops designed for: Nurses thinking about starting their own business, Nurse business owners and Nurses looking for career advancement.  These workshops focus on the critical business skills necessary to accelerate, increase and maximize your success. Customized workshops are available.

Contact Michelle at Michelle@UNconventionalNurse.com for Workshop pricing.

“Michelle Podlesni is driven to help others discover their dreams and pursue their passions and purpose in life wholeheartedly!  She equips and empowers nurses to move forward practically in the direction of their dreams, giving them skills that will help them along their journey toward greater success”
Sharon McClellan, BSN, MSN, FN

“Once upon a time , changing careers for Baby Boomers was done at-will and not out of necessity. The lingering impact of the 2008 depression has changed this option into a must-do for aging workers who are facing the most difficult financial decisions prior to retirement. Reinventing one’s career is daunting and risky. Michelle’s workshops help guide many of us navigating our next career phase to a successful endeavor.”
Christina Preisig, BSN, MBA, CEO Preisig Associates

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