When the Road Takes a Turn

My Road Takes a TurnThe heart is the place where our life gets its direction.” – Jim George

It has been awhile since I’ve posted a blog so I wanted to catch you up on the goings on around here. I’m busy with my new role as the president of the National Nurses in Business Association. NNBA is the most recognized and leading association for self-employed nurses and nurses in business that was started back in 1985. That’s ironic to me since that is the same year my nursing career transitioned from the hospital setting to the business world. I thrived as a nurse in business and while new to this role with the NNBA, I have been coaching and developing managers and executives in the corporate world from the early 90’s. Then in 2011 with Unconventional Nurse®, I decided to turn my business expertise towards helping nurses by developing a Business Coaching and Training Company.

Now with the NNBA these roads have merged and the past several weeks I have been consumed with launching a brand new website for the NNBA, growing membership, finalizing details for 2014 NNBA’s 29th Annual Conference and having meetings and discussions with many of our members. I am loving it! I also am finding it humbling because I am meeting and learning about so many incredible and inspiring nurses in business. I will be spotlighting many of them in the NNBA newsletter in the months ahead so make sure you are signed up!

Unconventional Nurse® will continue and serve as the coaching arm of the NNBA. Nurses that are in my coaching programs haven’t experienced any disruption. My blog posts will be published on both websites. We are producing a bi-monthly newsletter for the NNBA so my Unconventional Nurse Newsletter will change its name to UN-Business Insights. These newsletters will be archived and accessible in the exclusive members area of NNBA. Please check out www.NNBANow.com, especially if you believe you are a business minded heart driven nurse and join the #1 community of nurses in business. I would also love seeing you at the 29th annual conference this October in Orlando, FL. We are going to have great speakers, provide career development and you can experience the benefits of networking and developing working relationships that will serve your future success.

So things are a bit busier than normal for now, remember my comments on work and life balance? I think the achieving a work-life balance is a myth and that it is just one more rock in my backpack of “shoulds”. The reality is my life is really never in balance, something always has a priority for that given day, week or sometimes months. As a result, many things in my life end up taking second place or get neglected (my husband will attest to this). Fortunately, I have a great support system at home that is happy when I am happy.  And I am more a juggler than a balancer.

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  1. Vondalee says:

    This is so great, Michelle! My daughter is going into Nursing and I am so proud!

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