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UN Spotlight Archives - Sharon McClellanSharon McClellan, BSN, MSN, FNP
National Marketing Director for Juice Plus

“How was Africa?” began my conversation with Sharon. “Oh, my, it was wonderful! It is definitely one of my favorite ways to use my nursing skills.” Just days before, Sharon returned home from a mission trip with her church where she was one of the nurses on their team. “I have to pinch myself because I am living my dream.”

Sharon has a master’s degree in nursing and previously worked as a nurse practitioner designing and implementing wellness programs for both individuals and corporations. She is currently a national marketing director that promotes healthy living with Juice Plus. Sharon was introduced to Juice Plus by a physician friend and it really struck a chord with her. “Everybody in the world needs to know about the benefits of more fruits and vegetables in their diet because they are struggling. I used to counsel people about the proper way to eat; most people know it, they just don’t do it. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur or having my own business. But what happens when you have a passion and find something so valuable, you just can’t keep it to yourself.” Sharon told me of a time several years ago when a lot of those near and dear to her were ill. Her sister was under forty, going through breast cancer, and there was no family history. “I thought maybe this could help the people I love most.” It wasn’t until a few years ago, when her husband was laid off work, and they thought it might be necessary for her to return to work in a more traditional setting. Sharon absolutely loved being at home with her three children; she found the motivation to stay at home allowed her to overcome any discomfort in learning new business skills. “I developed a business mindset. Keep in mind that my background as a nurse practitioner was teaching health and wellness, this was years ago before it was popular in corporate settings. Juice Plus is whole fruits and vegetables in a capsule and the most researched nutritional product in the world. I am equally passionate about helping people get physically healthy, as well as financially healthy and Juice Plus allows me the ability to do both.”

When talking with Sharon you can hear her passion and that she loves helping people, so I asked how she ended up being a nurse. She told me she initially didn’t think she could be a nurse because she fainted at the sight of blood. She got over that and ended up being and ICU nurse! While working in the ICU she realized she wanted to go back to school so she could help people take ownership of their health and make better decisions. Sharon especially loves going into schools and educating young children about good nutrition and keeping their bodies healthy and strong.

So I asked Sharon what helps her when she is worried, “Philippians 4:4-7 helps me, prayer, exercise and the emotional support of friends.” I then asked Sharon what advice she would give to nurses that are considering leaving a traditional setting or making a change in their life, “Go for it, pursue your dreams. At the end of life, have no regrets. Get out there and do what’s right, even when you are afraid. “We are not made to park, we’re made to move and the road ahead is exciting and adventurous.”

You can contact Sharon for more information on the value of taking Juice Plus or the financial opportunities available with Juice Plus.

Sharon McClellan RN,MSN,FNP
(404) 210-4601

You can also contact Wichelle Waffle, a Juice Plus National Marketing Director:
UN - Nurse Spotlight - Michelle Waffle
Michelle Waffle
National Market Director
(949) 609-6989

UN - Nurse Spotlight - JuicePlus
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