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Let’s start a movement to create more nurse authors!
Frankly, I am tired of how nurses are portrayed in the media.  Desire for high ratings seems to always have nurses that are either selfless angels or being tormented by devils.  I want real nurse’s voices to be heard, their knowledge, skills and expertise to be recognized.  Being a published author will result in more nurses leaning in and sitting at the table of decision makers in our businesses and in our world.

Ever wonder why Florence Nightingale is credited as the founder of modern nursing?  There were lots of other nurses at the time who were skilled and held expertise in delivering healthcare.  The reason Florence received the accolades was that she rocked it as a master communicator, using every means available at the time to make her actions and plans known publically.  She knew and employed the power of the written word and as such, England’s Royal Family took notice and began supporting her work.  Imagine her success if she had Twitter, Facebook and the internet!

Astounding Fact: There are over 900,000 nurses over the age of fifty!
The wealth of knowledge, expertise and life experience of these nurses is staggering. Are you one of them?  Just imagine the opportunity you have communicating your unique and valuable message.  Your ability to make a huge difference in millions of lives cannot be overstated, and if that isn’t enough, how about the opportunity to generate additional income?

Whether you want to promote your existing business, launch a new career, re-invent yourself or write what you are passionate about, becoming a published author is an amazing accomplishment that puts you head and shoulders above your competition, showcases your expertise and increases your credibility.  John Maxwell said that leadership is not about a title, or flowchart; it is about influencing another life.  Nurses love to make a difference, writing your book can make a lasting difference.

I’d like to introduce America’s Top Author’s Coach!
Ann McIndoo has worked with and helped produce books for Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach and the master motivator, Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, Bob Procter from The Secret and many more, in fact, over 500 more.  I am fortunate to have worked with Ann on my own book, “UNconventional Nurse: Going From Burnout to Bliss!” which became a #1 Amazon Bestseller during National Nurses Week.

I love systems that work and as a result of working with Ann, I decided to become a Certified Author’s Coach.  Then I made a special request; I asked Ann to work with me in creating a customized program for nurses that want to write a book.  She agreed and the result is “UNconventional Nurse’s Author’s Program”.  Using wildly successful writing tools™, creative strategies and techniques you can go from having a book idea in you head to holding your manuscript in your hands in just 12 weeks.

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To find out if you can write a non-fiction book, answer the following questions:

Are you and authority on a subject?
Do you possess a skill that others wish to learn?
Do you have specialized knowledge or unique experience?
Have you created a process or system that can help others?
Do you have a desire to tell a story, share information or teach others?
Can you talk about your subject?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you can write your book and I will show you how to do just that.  Writing a book gives you credibility—you become the “Expert” in your field, it demonstrates your commitment and passion to your subject and allows you to create a platform for ancillary products if you decide to build a business around your book.

Take the first step towards writing your book, fill in the information on the Get Started page and I will contact you for your FREE 20 minute strategy session to discuss your book idea.  By the way…when you go to the program detail page I want you to know that this is a discounted price that I have arranged with Ann for nurses through my website.  This price is not available through conventional channels…just for unconventional nurses!

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