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[I was happy to provide a book review for NNBA member, Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD. I was also excited to see several of the contributing co-authors are NNBA members. I highly recommend purchasing Lorie’s book and enjoying it as I did. Thank you Lorie for putting together such a wonderful read.]

From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurse’s System

by Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD

Fall in love with nursing again by reading Lorie Brown’s new book, “From Frustrated to Fulfilled”.  Just like 10 year old Lorie felt when she met her first nurse role model at summer camp; I felt safe, comforted and inspired reading this book.  Lorie skillfully weaves stories here for nurses; walking us through the shimmering novice veil where we view only the highest ideals of nursing into the sometimes harsh but more sad, realities of conventional nursing.
The nurse contributors that shared stories for Lorie’s book did an outstanding job of conveying frustrations, feeling pain and then digging deep coming out winners in their unique nursing careers.  These stories will resonate with nurses and with what many nurses have encountered.

Disillusionment could give way to despair but not in this book and not with this group of nurses!  Lorie eloquently outlines the GIFTS that nurses can use and then hits the ball out of the park with The Empowered Nurses Bill of Rights.  “From Frustrated to Fulfilled” empathizes, shares, inspires and educates nurses on self-empowering examples, methods and tools.  This book made me smile, get upset, tear-up and feel such joy in being part of the nursing profession.  It will definitely be a book that I will read again!

Michelle D. Podlesni RN
President ~National Nurses in Business Association
Author Unconventional Nurse

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