Christmas Unplugged

Christmas Unplugged
I decided to go dark this Christmas Eve and Christmas, in that I did not look at my computer and did not carry my phone around with me. Yes, for two days I didn’t read or respond to emails on my laptop or phone and did not look at Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Here’s what I found out:
It was hard… hard to break my routine. I kept thinking that I’ll just take a little look, what could it hurt. I reminded myself that 20 years ago I was not sending and checking messages, pictures and gifts on-line. The earth stills spins on its axis and did not require any intervention from me. My family received my full attention and focus. Time slowed down; I don’t know about you but my world is spinning too fast. I am always questioning where the day has gone. In checking social media and emails several times during the day, that incessant voice in my head saying “you need to do this and then you need to do that” was quieted. This resulted in having more time to reflect remember and rejoice.
In going dark this Christmas, the light was made that much brighter.

Success Tip
Sometimes our routines need shaken up. Nothing shakes up your life like becoming an entrepreneur. It will be hard. Every time we do things that are just outside our comfort zones, we grow and become bigger which enables us to help more people. Life will go on so don’t worry about making some mistakes; it is all part of the process of entrepreneurship. Support and encouragement is essential so make sure to find it from your personal and professional circles such as other like-minded nurses in the NNBA. Time is the only thing you cannot get more of so make sure to take time to reflect on how you choose to use your nursing education and experience. Remember that nurses can do anything which includes rejoicing in creating, developing and running your own business.

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