Michelle DeLizio Podlesni

About Michelle Podlesni

Michelle is a USN Veteran, RN for over 25 years and former corporate executive whose clinical background led to a career in healthcare data analysis, medical cost-containment and software development. Michelle brought her service orientation, enthusiasm and diverse expertise to the corporate environment in roles from case management to product development to C-level executive management positions. With a proven track record in the corporate setting of leading start-up companies to financial success, as well as their subsequent mergers and acquisitions, Michelle has directly managed the strategic, operational and technical areas of start-up and emerging multi-million dollar companies serving Fortune 500 clients.

Michelle credits her service in the United States Navy and her nursing experience for laying the foundation for the business demands of problem solving and critical thinking and was known for her ability to build consensus and coordinate large scale initiatives.

Michelle was active on the speaking circuit and as a media spokesperson and a sought after industry expert, speaking at conferences, granting interviews and writing articles on healthcare data analysis, medical cost containment, IT-focused solutions and enhancing the quality of medical bill review.

Continuing on the unconventional path, Michelle left the corporate world taking time off to get married and have her first child in her “North Forty”. Desiring flexibility in her work life, Michelle along with her husband and business partner opened, operated and after six years, sold a well-established and profitable company that provided caregivers allowing seniors the ability to age in place in their own homes.

Having made the decision to turn her business expertise towards coaching and training; Michelle currently is the CEO and President of Bloom Service Group, Inc. which encourages and empowers professional growth and development. Michelle believes that the road to success is paved through clarity, confidence and contribution.

Bloom Service Group, Inc. companies:

Patient Advocate Group Enterprise: www.MyPageExperts.com,

Unconventional Nurse®: www.UnconventionalNurse.com

LWW: www.LousWebWorks.com

National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA): www.NNBAnow.com

Michelle loves to write, read and cook. She is a popular speaker and resides in Huntington Beach, California with her husband and daughter.

         About Michelle’s logo…

Each icon on the road represents Michelle’s nursing journey from growing up in a steel mill town in Western Pennsylvania to running a software company in California.  In order, the icons represent; Aliquippa, Pensacola, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Newport Beach.

About Michelle’s motto…

Have Heart, Stay Strong and Keep Making a Difference!

Michelle used this phrase in signing off on the last page of her book and uses it continually when talking with nurses because it captures the beliefs and ideals of UNconventional Nurse®.  UNconventional Nurses are passionate about what they do whether it is in a traditional setting or taking a new adventure down a different roads.  UNconventional Nurses are heart centered and business mindedUNconventional Nurses are strong and know that by taking care of themselves they will have the strength to care for others.  UNconventional Nurses always strive to make a difference and be a positive influence in the world.